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We are committed to supplying useful and hard-to-find tools and supplies for the home gardener and homesteader.  Please come by from 9:30AM – 6:00pm Monday through Saturday.

Call or text us • 254.754.9663

Homestead General Store


We are a part of the Homestead Craft Village, an intentional Christian Community that believes the best culture for us to have at our foundation is Agri-Culture.

It is hard to find some of the old, tried and true tools that were a part of everyone’s daily lives–until now.  You may just find that tool, supply or appliance you have been looking for. 

We are located at 167 Halbert Ln, Waco, Texas 76705

Phone: 254.754.9663

Is It Time To Make It Yourself?

Turning sticky, ooey, gooey dough into a beautiful loaf of artisan bread makes you a part of a process that has been food-foundational since the beginning.

Everything You Need In One Place


If you’re not an experienced homesteader, worry not. The Homestead General Store has all the books you’ll need to learn how to live all the land.  


Once you learn what you need to know to get started (see Books left), we have seed that has been freshly gathered from our Waco area.  That’s important because they are adapted to our weather and pests. 

Hats & Tools

When it’s time to get out and work in the garden, we have what you need–from hats to spade forks.


Planting, tending and harvesting are all part of the homesteading and gardening experience.  We have everything you need but the work!

Kitchen & Cooking

Now that you are harvesting, it’s time to change that raw food into something delectable. We have the utensils, appliances and supplies.